Saturday, July 7, 2007

"Mussels In The Corner" Graphite on Paper

For Sale By The Artist
Copyright Reserved by the artist
Graphite on Paper
8 x 10
After cooking mussels for dinner one night I realized how pretty the inside of the shells are. I tried painting this picture but something just wasn’t going right so I opted to draw it. I am still determined to finish the painting. I leave no painting unfinished no matter how unsatisfied I am with the process. I am also considering doing a color drawing of the mussels. I would really like to capture the iridescent nature of the shells.
$50.00 + SH

1 comment:

L. Miller (millerboy, Larry) said...

I like your art. And this picture is nice also, I noticed the same thing one day when I was eating, how beautiful the food was, and how taking a picture of it somehow gave it some respect, and gave thanks to it ...ya know what I mean?
I took some closeups of the food and posted it.
Great work, keep it up, and visit my blog sometime...