Friday, September 14, 2007

"Lions At The Gate" Graphite Drawing

SOLD (Thank You Brian B.)
Copyright Reserved By The Artist
Graphite On Paper
8 x 10
This is a drawing taken from a photo that I took while at the Emperial Palace in Beijing. There are two lions guarding the front gates. They are very big and tower over a person. Here is some information that I found regarding the Lions.
Lions in the Forbidden City are in pairs, the female extending her leg to play with a baby lion - symbolizing fertility of the royal family. The male lion has a ball under its paw, representing the imperial power.
When bronze lions are in front of a residence, they signify the occupant is an official. First rank officials have lions with 13 bumps on their heads. This decreases with the official's rank, eight being the least number of bumps on the head. Officials of rank seven and below were not allowed lions outside their gates.
$100.00 + S/H

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