Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Untitled" Graphite drawing

Not For Sale
Graphite Drawing On Stonehenge Paper
8 x 10
I was having a discussion online today with this group I am a member of on Facebook. The question being debated was "Is UNTITLED paintings nothing but escapists?" Even though the question was badly written I think the author was asking if a piece is untitled is the artist trying to escape from having to explain their work? I feel this is all hogwash. A piece of art is visual. It stands on its own merits. It does not need the artist to further define what they have already defined in creating it. A rose by any other name is still a rose. That is why i have titled my latest piece "UNTITLED". Please if anyone thinks I am not an artist and that this piece does not speak to the viewer because I have NOT titled it let me know.


ashis pahi said...

Dear MICK, i think if we do give a title, it does not mean we restrict the viewer.But actually it helps the viewer to have his/her own point of view and interpretation.its just like why you think the viewer will be influenced?today's viewer is much more confident and independent minded and they have their own thinking.
and the other hand h why should we shy away to give a name of our creation?In future how people will recognise which work of the artist was very good or extraordinary. cause thee are so many paintings named untitled.Like Monalisa of Leonardo Da Vinci? or last Sunflower of Van Gogh, THREE MUSICIANS of PICASSO.well the untitled is becoming a reason for non artists to escape from a lot of question about their work.That does not eman all artists who is giving 'untitled' are not artists. it is for non artists who is using untitled as a shield.So what is wrong in giving your own expression a name?If a painting with a title can make viewers think and interpret in different ways that means that paintings have more depth and power to activate so many brains. it have a lot of depth.

hope everyone understand.

Lorraine said...

I don't title every piece of my artwork unless I am posting it in a blog. Why does it need a title anyway? Some people just need that little tag to make themselves feel better about something.It's kind of like signing your name on your homework before handing it in. What do you think about artists who signatures are unusually large? Do they have a bog EGO? Are they letting the world know who they are because they have low self esteem and want to let us know they exist?