Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Afternoon Green Tea" Acrylic Painting

For Sale By The Artist
Copyright Reserved By The Artist
Acrylic paint on gallery stretched canvas
6" x 6"
This is an acrylic painting of one of my Korean teacups in the late afternoon sun. The sun cast long black shadows and brilliant light across my dining room table. The cup is a very nice earth green tone which sits well on the floral tablecloth.
This is also the third painting done in this acrylic painting technique in which I primed the canvas in black before starting the painting. This allowed any color laid on top to pop off the canvas. It is also 6" x 6" so it is fairly small but the image is very striking. On the edge of this painting, I painted a more whimsical design. I felt that this painting was more playful so needed something more casual on the edges. The blue flower is taken from the pattern in the tablecloth.
$100.00 + $15.00 S+H

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